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Saturday, July 13th

St. Louis, MO


About Kate

Kate is invested in transformation and connectivity and in her responsibility in actionable change for creating a better world.

Her interests are diversity, natural medicine + empowerment. She has a special interest in international adoption awareness.

Kate is a community builder, activist, change agent, teacher and student. Her practice is compassion. 

Kate knows love works all over the world and is invested in helping you transform by it.

Transform your life


 “Talking to Kate is the best therapy. When meeting her, I could readily notice her calm and supportive nature. I feel confident I have this source of coaching, support and guidance.” -Christine


“My experience with Kate has be phenomenal and not one I've had before. She has a healing touch and also incorporates meditation techniques to ease your mind as your body is relaxing. Kate is focused on sharing physical and emotional healing and positivity. This physical & mental healing approach that she lives daily is holistic and it translates to her clients. You will feel at peace after a session with her. She is truly doing what is her calling in life.” -Elizabeth


“Kate has coached me through challenging & uncertain times of career change and spiritual/emotional pains and helped me to stay grounded and forward-thinking instead of getting stuck in feelings of hopelessness. Kate has a natural good-humor about her and is both deeply empathetic & direct in her guidance. Thank you for sharing your light, Kate!” -Carly


“When we deny the story, it defines us. When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending.” -Brene Brown