I'm a Korean-born Missouri woman destined to move all over the planet.


Embracing both cultures with grace instead of destruction has been a lifelong romance. 

Growing up in Missouri, I loved ballet and danced everywhere I went. In college, I was drawn to psychology and medicine then discovered the healing powers of massage therapy and the philosophy of yoga. I happily studied both wth abandon, certain of my purpose to share this with the world. I then spent a decade ignoring this mission and worked in corporate America trying to be normal. The American Dream.

During my time in the corporate world, I met people across the country who were just as dissatisfied as I was. Juggling corporate work with a simultaneous love affair "on the side" as a healer and educator was a tiring road. I was always searching for the "right" job. Searching for something. It wasn't until I turned the spotlight on myself and searched within that I realized I was denying myself so much - about my Korean roots and interest in activism, my passions, my uniqueness - all at the expense of a fulfilling life and doing meaningful work.  

Now I embrace truth regardless of how messy and uncomfortable it is. Transforming every experience and obstacle into growth and gratitude is a gift we all have the power to receive. 

I never imagined that navigating the complexities of life as an international adopted child would last a lifetime, but I would never trade this life for "normal". In 2006, I reunited with my Korean birth family and that has certainly been my life's greatest lesson on how to forgive, live, and love. Much of the world assumes these reunions are happy stories and subsequently transracial adoption and reunion has remained one of the most misunderstood and underrepresented journeys in the entire world. This complicated global reunion has been my life's greatest scar, transformed into my greatest strength. The healing arts have been my greatest transformation teacher.

I believe our scars ignite our superpowers to extend compassion to everyone and that mine have transformed me into a kinder person. This transformation is what I share with you. The grace and madness of this global journey has given me an intimate understanding of compassion and how love works all over the world. 

Within us is the power to create the life we want. My passion is for change and movement big and small, and I'd love to help you learn how to transform the things that hold you back into the things that set you free.