Three Things

Oh, America.

Three things to share on this meditative morning in St. Louis.

  • The Bucket List. How’s your Bucket List doing? My Chicago Bucket List was full of everything. Good people and good food. Processed cheese, ice cream, Detroit pizza (this is my Midwestern lyfe!). Spending time with new friends who feel like old friends too, because connection has no time limitations. Saying ‘goodbye for now,’ because everything is impermanent. Goodbyes can still be hard even when impermanence is a friend. Gifts given and received. Being spontaneous when conversations flow late into the night. Talking about real stuff. Being grateful for truly inspiring clients who are open, aware, and thoughtful. I’ve enjoyed our sessions and our conversations. Packing up my car knowing how great it is to receive help which made loading up my car fun and memorable. Driving over five hours when it’s 85 degrees out with a bag of dry ice and the best ice cream bars and popsicles from Pretty Cool for family (they melted but thank you Ruth, you’re awesome). This was a great reminder that life is, in fact, pretty cool even when it all falls apart and melts. My last days in Chicago also had lots of good laughs and good tears. Being a human — a breathing creature who feels all feelings — has annoying moments sometimes. I used to live a life that was much more robotic. I much prefer being human. And I realize this is a radical way of living. You are welcome to join along anytime. Let us humans normalize being human. The conditioning that we should not be has long perplexed me.

    (Insert classic famous three worded Ghandi quote here…see below)

  • Gratitude. Life is going to have difficult and challenging times. Exhale. This we all know, all over the world. This is how I’ve learned to be on the lookout for gratitude. It doesn’t invalidate or diminish the challenging stuff. Gratitude helps us realize we are not the challenging stuff. This does not define us. Again. This does not define us. We are more than the challenging stuff. Gratitude helps us look around and realize what is present in the now. This helps me get through challenging times, not ignore them. Both exist. I choose to allow them to exist with grace.

  • Savor. Savor the flavors of life. The sweet, the salty, the sour. Be present for all of it. Your life will be rich. Being unavailable to savor the sour keeps us from savoring the sweet too. This I know for certain.

In one week, I’m taking off to Asia. Thailand first, then Korea. Same as before, I’m not sure how long or where life will lead next. I’ll figure it out when I get there. You will too, whatever life brings you. You will. We’re in this together. So breathe with me. Breathe, breathe, breathe and be patient with me, be grateful with me, be a human with me. Be a human.

And “be the change.” (Ghandi)

I’m heading across the globe but we are still connected. How to connect with me now?

  • Instagram Stories, IG, or as the young kids say, “the gram.” I’ll be sharing here what I hope helps you see my view and what I hope helps you too do difficult things and find the beauty and growth in them.

  • 1:1 Coaching sessions: remain active — we are working with new time zones and these will be via video/phone. If you are interested in scheduling a coaching session where I help guide you in living these principles for yourself and/or your family, please email me to schedule. My availability for 1:1 sessions resumes in August.

  • Group sessions:

    • If you are in St. Louis, I’m hosting a Healing Journey workshop on Saturday 7/13 at 1:30pm. In this group session we’ll discuss practical ways you can take charge of your lives with practical ways you can be more loving to yourself. We’ll also discuss how we are all healers in some way, even if it not our profession. This is open to all. Registration is required; register here.

    • If you are a fellow Korean adoptee in Korea this month, I’ll be presenting and speaking about self-love and transformation and what my global experiences in life have given me at the IKAA gathering.

If none of these align for you and you want to connect, here is another way. Call someone you love and tell them. Use your voice. Use your voice for good in the world. I’ll be there with you.

I will see you on the other side, America.