It may not come as a surprise that emotional stress impacts the body and mind.

Often, the two are handled separately, making full relief nearly impossible. If you are experiencing physical and emotional tension or pain, integrative bodywork can help your mind and body heal together. Everything is connected. 

Sessions blend Reiki energywork, breathwork, Thai bodywork therapy and myofascial release to relieve stress and foster relaxation. Because these triggers live in every body and mind differently, my private sessions take your individual needs and experiences into account. Together we'll work through your physical and emotional responses to trauma to understand how they impact each other. This is bodywork and heartwork; designed to learn from, and then rewrite, your physical and emotional responses for a freer, more peaceful you.


Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Rolf Gates
Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Seane Corn
The Rocket® Yoga Teacher Training, It's Yoga International®
Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training, Molly Boeder Harris - The Breathe Network
Professional Massage Therapy, Reiki & Pranic Healing, Healing Arts Center
Thai Abdominal Massage and Scraping, Nephyr Jacobsen - The Naga Center School of Traditional Thai Medicine