Let's talk about it.

If there's something you are ready to change in your life, let's do that together.

If you'd like to:  

  • Experience more fulfillment in your life/career/relationships and feel less “stuck”

  • Work through family/relationships challenges

  • Have a better view of opportunities that you can’t see when you’re “in your own head”

  • Let go of stress, doubt, anxiety and pain

  • Transform difficult + traumatic life experiences into acceptance

  • Flow through life's transitions such as loss, career change, or relocation with confidence + contentment

  • Improve leadership to align with social causes and social change of today's climate

  • Understand and break free what is holding you back from living a more fulfilled life

Coaching helps you gain clarity to think and live differently. Sessions are in-person, video or telephone.

For group coaching + workshops, please contact itskatepowers@gmail.com