Live uniquely with me.

If there's something you are ready to change in your life, let's do that together.

I support you in this process if you'd like to:  

  • Move from feeling “stuck” to fulfilled and free in life, whether it be in your career, family, relationships

  • Be more confident to take that trip, make yourself a priority, find your right career/start that business, or break free from that toxic relationship/job/situation

  • Learn more about yourself and transform your past, stress, anxiety and doubt to empowerment and peace

  • Approach life’s challenges and experiences with more ease and acceptance

  • Discover a new perspective about life and yourself

  • Receive guidance about the adoption journey and approach the journey with a greater understanding as an adoptee, parent, parent considering adoption, educator/ practitioner

Coaching helps you gain clarity, think differently and live differently. Live uniquely with me.

Influenced through my personal journey and over a decade of work in mental health/trauma counseling, psychiatry and healing arts.

Sessions are by video or telephone.

For group coaching, workshops and speaking engagements, please contact