I’m curious and I’d like to learn more. What do you do and how can we work together?

I provide services best described as belonging under the transformational, therapeutic + healing arts umbrella.

  • Individual Coaching Sessions — 1:1 partnership via video/Zoom. Individual, customized guidance and coaching for an area of your life. Schedule your session here.

  • Group Workshop Facilitator/Speaker — group offerings typically have a specific focus or topic.

    These can be customized for a specific community group’s needs and requests.

    See public events here.

  • Professional Therapeutic Bodywork — Referral only at this time.

Great…will individual coaching benefit me?

Yes! If you are:

  • Feeling stuck and/or tension in any area life —and are ready to make some shifts.

  • Wanting to feel more confident, empowered and freedom and learn solutions to better manage stress and challenges.

  • Wanting to learn more about the adoption journey from my perspective. You might be an adoptee, parent, teacher, social services practitioner or educator eager to understand adoption and/or your own relationship with adoption with more clarity.

  • Learn more about coaching sessions here.

  • Read testimonials here.

I’m in! I want to overcome the challenges and I want better solutions. Serenity now! How do you do this and what is your background?

Together we work on shifting from stuck to empowered. We use awareness, accountability and honesty. We define practical ways you can manage your life, home, office and relationships.

I share insight from various personal and professional experiences. I’ve facilitated talk therapy & massage therapy, support groups, trauma-response crisis intervention + meditation/yoga over the past decade in psychiatric hospital, counseling, corporate, and holistic settings.

I’m interested…can we meet for coffee or chat instead?

I’d love to pick your brain!

I’d love to hear your story!

I’d love your input about my life, family, career, business project/idea.

I’d love your advice…I am an adoptee/parent/considering adopting/social worker/teacher. I have some questions for you and some challenges about adoption.

I greatly appreciate your interest. I do not offer complimentary advice sessions at this time. Sign up for email updates to find out when occasional Q+A sessions are offered.

You might want to have coffee or chat to ask questions that are addressed through my services. Many of these can likely be addressed in individual coaching sessions, workshops and public speaking events. You don’t ask your dentist to have coffee instead of a dental appointment, then ask your dentist to look at your teeth over said coffee. Well, I hope you don’t. Time, knowledge and contributions are valuable.

I work with individuals and groups ready to make a change in their lives who value guidance + input from my perspective.

I enjoy social gatherings and events and would love to connect with you at these. Check out the calendar for public events.

Alrighty, that’s a good point, are there other ways to connect?

Yes! Schedule a 1:1 session, a group session/event, or attend one!

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